About Scodub

Sco-dub comes from my first name — Scott — being ever-so-cleverly mashed up against the urban abbreviation “dub,” or W.

Now, I know what you’re wondering. “What happened to the letter t? After all, there were two of them and only one dub.” Well, dear reader, there was a fight. Things got intense and then they got ugly. In the end, the beaten and bloody “dub” conquered those two t’s.

At first, Sco was in utter shock at losing his long-time companions. The two t’s had been like brothers to him. But he always felt like they cut him off, and bluntly. Yes, it took some time warming up to Dub, but their friendship seemed less forced. Things just flowed and rolled off the tongue. They completed each other’s sentences.

Now they look back and wonder how that awful fight even got started in the first place, but not with regret. Had it never happened, they wouldn’t be the best of friends they are today.


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