Wikipedia – Why Not Link to Relevant Content?

You know what bugs me about Wikipedia?

Sometimes they’ll link to a thing in the context of an article but they link to the general thing rather than the contextually-relevant part of that thing.

Cunningham's Law: Duty CallsFor instance, I was just reading up on Cunningham’s Law and they linked to xkcd. They linked to the general xkcd article rather than xkcd relevant comic.


I understand that it’s not always feasible to link to something contextually relevant, but I don’t see why it’s not the norm for most cases. The author could very well link to relevant content, yet it is frowned upon. And I have figured out why.

It’s because Wikipedia hates linking off-site.

That’s right. Scan the majority of Wikipedia (and family) articles and you’ll find that the majority of links are internal. And no Wikipedia article is going to be so all-encompassing that it will allow the interlinking of contextually-relevant content. The only alternative option would be to link to the actual content referenced in the article, and we can’t have that. That kind of thing is relegated  to the footnotes, if anywhere (as is the case here).

Obviously this is a giant conspiracy. Who made up the rule that wikis have to act like giant internally-referenced encyclopedias? Shouldn’t the information be easy to find?

2015 Goals Progress Update for May

June is here!

And with it comes a lot of birthdays. In my family, at least. Typically that would mean a lot of spending, but luckily I’ve prepared a bit by buying some of the gifts in May and sort of spreading out the cost.

I am pretty blown away at what focus can do and what I’ve reading is right — as you hit each number, the next number comes and then the next, and pretty soon bigger numbers are within reach. It’s just amazing.

Enough about that, let’s see how I did.

Goal #1: Save 25% of Net Income, Averaged Monthly (Status: Ahead)

Somehow, I have managed to keep this average high. This month, I managed to save around 42% which, according to my Excel document where I track all this stuff, has seen me maintain an average 39% savings rate. Of course, I want to keep this average up so I will have to see what I can do to push past 45% this month to bring that 39% closer to 50%!

This will become particularly interesting once the Emergency Fund goal has been reached and I start diverting this savings rate into investments.

Goal #2: Reach $250 in Interest/Dividends for 2015 (Status: Behind, but close)

So last month, I left off at $62.01 and I’m realizing that I wasn’t actually on target for a goal of $250 in this current period of 12 months. Given that ($250 / 12) X 4 would be $83.33. Not to fret though, because at this pace, I am set to catch up by August at the latest. For now, I am behind where I need to be at $89.39 for the year with a gain of $27.36 for the month of May. Not bad!

Goal #3: Reach 18% Body Fat Before 2015 End (Status: Behind)

Sadly, this goal remains stagnant while I work through one of the more stressful times in my life. What’s important is that I don’t gain more body fat than the current 22% at which I reside. I’m focusing on that for now.

Goal #4: Reach Just $100/month in Net Side Income (Status: Behind)

This month, I actually worked toward this goal. There isn’t a ton of progress, but definitely some. For example, I tested out SwagBucks after reading about it on the r/personalfinance subreddit a few times. How much did I earn? About $1.00 before I changed my search engine back to Google from their clone search service. I tried. I really did, but it’s definitely not geared toward developers and I can’t have my search service impact my work. Still, it was a nice test and if I had more time, I can see this service generating a quarter of my goal amount, but alas.

Meanwhile, I am looking into making a finance-themed blog and giving it a monthly budget. Rather than posting all these finance-themed updates on this blog, I would dedicate posts there since this seems to be an obsession that won’t quit. I figure, I might as well jump in with both feet if I’m going to dedicate so much of my life to it anyway. And hopefully I can help people along the way as I wish someone had done for me 5 – 10 years ago.

Goal #5: Fill Emergency Fund to at least 75% (Status: COMPLETED!)
Goal #5: Fill Emergency Fund to 100% (Status: On Target)

75% has officially been reached, and four months ahead of schedule! It feels good to have knocked out one of these lofty goals way before I ever thought would be possible and set my sights on the real target: 100%. If things continue the way they have been going, I will have no problem hitting this number and then redirecting the flow toward investments (stocks, bonds, etc.), which is exciting, albeit scary without knowing what the future holds.

All things considered, it’s been an interesting month and hopefully June will go more smoothly.

TDLM Title Case

When I’m writing a blog post, one thing I find myself doing often is checking my title to make sure it’s properly title-cased. This means copying my title, opening up my browser, finding some service that does auto title-case conversion, plugging in my title, getting the title back and copying that, then plugging that back into my post title. Really, it doesn’t take long but it gets annoying.

So that’s exactly why I decided to use the opportunity to throw that process into a plug-in that I could use for myself. Not long after, I decided to publish that in the WordPress Plugin Directory here: TDLM Title Case.

It’s currently on version 1.0.1 (I patched it after I saw some warnings popping up on this very blog). Before then, I hadn’t published a WordPress plugin to the Plugin Directory, despite having built dozens of plugins for work and myself.

My hope is that some people find it useful and it shaves a few seconds off of each blog post. Oh, and one thing it includes is a preference page where you can modify the defaults using comma-separated values:

2015-05-20 at 11.02 PM

The plugin is very simplistic at this point, but at least it’s configurable.

Going forward, I can see the plug-in talking to a service that takes any title and runs it against a dictionary for a superb title-case check, but for now, this will do just fine.

I Need This Mirror in My Life

Okay, so maybe I don’t need it, but I definitely want it.

I happened across this link this morning about a guy who made a “Smart Mirror” and was just shocked. SHOCKED! Both at the simplicity of the design and the fact that the guy just went ahead and made it himself. And it didn’t suck.

Really, that’s the crux of it. It’s the kind of subtle technology I want to fill my home. Always there, but hiding in plain sight.

And in this particular case — it’s providing the kind of information I waste seconds of my life looking up on my phone almost every day (Huh. Sadly, I don’t always go outside). Except, I’d make it in English.

Now I’m interested in pricing this thing out.

Assuming I don’t have to spend much on extra accessories, this project would come out to around $400 after taxes. That’s not bad.


2015 Goals Progress Update for April

Holy crap, it’s May 15th!

This month has been flying by. I knew something wasn’t getting done and then it clicked — “Oh. Right. I forgot to do that thing.” Plus, I have been neglecting to write here so I could do, well, work. Plus, I have a family. So, it’s totally excusable.

Okay, fine, I got lazy for a bit. But I’m back! To give you …. this.

Goal #1: Save 25% of Net Income, Averaged Monthly (Status: Ahead)

This month, I was able to save about twice the normal amount — nearly 50%. So taking the previous average of 26 for the previous three months plus 50 — well, that averages out to about 32%. Boom! Totally blew that goal out of the water.

On the other hand, who knows what tomorrow will bring? For now, things are good here.

Goal #2: Reach $250 in Interest/Dividends for 2015 (Status: On Target)

This has also been a great month for interest and such. Last month ended at $40.72 and April ended up at $62.01 for a gain of $21.29. That’s pretty much 25% toward the $250 goal. Woo-hoo! I never doubted I’d be on target for a second.

Goal #3: Reach 18% Body Fat Before 2015 End (Status: Behind)

Last month? 22%. April? 22%. Yeah. I need to get back into my groove. I am obviously on vacation from said groove with a bad case of groove-itis. I’m not proud of it, but hey — it’s all part of the journey, right?

Goal #4: Reach Just $100/month in Net Side Income (Status: Behind)

Sadly, still no progress here but I have been actively working on it. I’ve been in talks of potentially developing something with other people of similar mind that would lead to future residuals. I’m not going to be too hard on myself when it comes to this goal because I know it will happen eventually and I’m more focused on making sure it’s about quality and reliability. Most importantly, I want it to work without much work from me. Money while I sleep kind of thing, you know.

Goal #5: Fill Emergency Fund to at least 75% (Status: Ahead)

I’ve made some additional progress here that I’m pretty proud of. This goal is now at 60% (up from 40% last month)! This boost is due to an unscheduled injection I made into the Emergency Fund which skipped progress ahead (as aforementioned). NOTE: at this point, I’m fairly confident I will hit 75% so I am officially changing this goal to 100% just to make it interesting. On top of that, should I reach 100% before year end, I will replace this goal with a similar goal that relates to investing.

So there you have it. Three out of five goals are doing well, so I know where to focus my energy for the remainder of the year. Granted, I am half-way through the month of May and those two side goals won’t budge much for the May update I imagine but I’ll do my best.